Catalog of Multiphonics(2021–) for fixed media; composited from a database of samples
On Remembrance(2020) for fixed media; produced with digital instrument the Murmurmator
Paint Rock(2019) for trumpet, bass clarinet, cello, live electronics; first performance at International Society of Improvised Music (ISIM) Minneapolis, May 18, 2019
Three PFR-3 Poems by Jackson Mac Low(2017) for percussion quartet and speaker; first performed April 25, 2017
14 Stations(2017) for solo cello; set of recordings, released May 15, 2017
Charm Against Loneliness(2016) for flute, Bb clarinet, A clarinet, bassoon, tuba, 3 percussion, cello, voice; performed at 2nd Street Gallery, April 2016
Codex on the Flight of Birds(2009- ) for solo cello; first performance of sections 2 and 3 by the composer at MIAM, Istanbul, Turkey, March 2010; additional performance by Ken Stewart at South Central Graduate Music Consortium, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, September 27, 2013; additional performances of sections 1-5 by the composer, Red Room, Baltimore, Maryland, August 2014 and at Technosonics XVI, October 2015
Signal To Noise(2015) for mixed chamber ensemble (fl, Bb cl, ob, pipa, perc, laptop, vln, vc, pf); Performed at Digitalis, Old Cabell Hall, April 2015; additional performance by New Music Ensemble, Bucknell University, October 6, 2015
Swell to Pedal(2015) for organ; 120 mins; performed by the composer with assistance from Campell Shifflett; Technosonics XVI October 2015
Enactive Music (4)(2015) for mixed chamber ensemble (fl, Bb cl, ob, soprano voice, pipa, guitar, vibraphone, perc, pf, vln, vc, cb); c.10 mins; performed at UVA, Old Cabell Hall, April 2015
Manifest(2014) for for four male voices; written for and performed by Ekmeles, Thomas Jefferson Memorial Church, Charlottesville, Virginia, March 2013
Music for NME (Chromatic Study 1 and 2)(2013) for open instrumentation; written for and performed by the UVA New Music Ensemble, Old Cabell Hall, Charlottesville, Virginia April 2013
Five Enactive Studies(2010; revised 2013) for piano; first performances by Marta Milosovic-Brancovic, Miami, Florida, September 2012 and Sung-Hye Kim, Old Cabell Hall, Charlottesville, Virginia, March 2013
Canonic Transformations(2013) for guitar quartet; written for the Dither Guitar Quartet; part 1 and 2 performed by Dither at Christ Episcopal Church, February 2013
String Quartet 2 (Albatross)(2012) written and performed by the Voxare Quartet, Old Cabell Hall, Charlottesville, Virginia, February 23, 2012
An Improvisation for Angular Momentum(2011) for mixed chamber ensemble (fl, cl, vln, vc, laptop, pf); Written for and performed by the Verge Ensemble, February 2011
Antistrophe(2011) for solo violin;
Pieces for 3, 2, 1 and 0 bows(2010) for solo cello; first performance McGuffy Gallery, Charlottesville, Virginia, December 2010
Shadows and Light(2010) for for orchestra; unperformed master's thesis
String Quartet 1 (A+/-)(2009) performed by the Hezarfin Ensemble, MIAM, Istanbul, Turkey, May 2010