Human Shaped Objects

Ambient music made in collaboration with Eli Stine


Improvising sextet led by Chris Dammann. Musicians include James Davis on trumpet and electronics, Mabel Kwan on piano/clavichord, Paul Giallorenzo on keyboards, Avreeyl Ra on drums, Chris on double bass.


w/Jon Bellona


Null Set

Formed from members of the UVA New Music Ensemble, Null Set is an ensemble that specializes in interpreting graphic scores, text scores, and improvisation.


Blood Moon

Free improvisation with Ryan Maguire (pedal steel) Matthew Burtner (soprano saxophone) and Rachael Rome (French horn)

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Bomb Shelter

Baltimore-based out jazz of Jamie Branch


Hoca Nassreddin

Istanbul-based free improvisation quartet


Islak Köpek


w/Jim Baker


Allos Musica

A chamber improv group of James Falzone, including violist Amy Cimini and bassoonist Katherine Young


Never Enough Hope

A gigantic friend’s gigantic band.



Locksmith Isidore

Fan’s of the Chicago free jazz scene may recognize Jason Stein from his work in Ken Vandermark band Bridge 61, collaborations with Fred Lonberg-Holm and Jeff Parker, and featured roles in other Midwestern ensembles. Stein started his musical life as a blues-and-rock guitarist, but Eric Dolphy changed his life. After hearing the groundbreaking woodwind innovator, Stein replaced his guitar with a bass clarinet. He later studied with Charles Gayle and Milford Graves. A flexible performer, he can go “mainstream” in the post-bop and free traditions or exploit novel situations, as, for example his work oboist Kyle Bruckmann in the experimental chamber jazz ensemble Wrack. His hard-driving presence on sessions with Peter Brotzmann and Fredrik Ljungkvist and his nuanced pitch and color manipulations for Lonberg-Holm and Parker demonstrate his versatility. The trio’s name, Locksmith Isidore, comes from Stein’s grandfather, a master locksmith who didn’t trust banks and hid his money inside an old sofa in his attic. The “loss” in the title refers to the calculations he made for the costs and benefits not having a bank account.


w/Mike Pride


w/Woody Sullender

The Tempest Is Over (2006). Improvisation duo with Woody Sullender (banjo)


w/Dave Rempis